Fastrac training is a summer program designed to give college students a unique opportunity to develop their skills and differentiate themselves from other graduates in the job market. The program is focused on cultivating leadership qualities and providing practical experience in a variety of professional contexts.

Our Goals


Develop Future Leaders

The main goal of the FasTrac training program is to develop the future leaders of America. This means that the program aims to equip students with skills and experiences that will help them excel in their future careers, regardless of the industry or field they choose to pursue.


Teach Universal Skill Sets

Another key objective of the FasTrac training program is to equip students with versatile skill sets that transcend specific career paths and contribute to their success in sales. By placing emphasis on cultivating direct marketing expertise and honing the finer aspects of small business management, the program strives to empower students with invaluable skills that can drive sales and yield positive outcomes across diverse industries and professions.


Provide Hands-On Experience

The FasTrac training program also aims to provide students with hands-on experience and real-world exposure to the business world. By partnering with Honor Guard Pest Management and teaching students how to sell pest control services door to door, students will gain experience in sales, networking, customer service, and more.


The following is a breakdown of what students make in the summer by sales per week. This is assuming they are talking to 70 prospects per day and 420 per week ($550 per sale):

Students who work 4 summers in our program have averaged making over $80,000.